Will you take the first Covid-19 vaccine that hits the U.S. Market even with risks?

There seems to be (3) over arching questions on the minds of Americans about the liklihood of a Covid-19 virus vaccine in the next 4–6 months:

When will we have a vaccine, can we trust what President Trump says?

(a) When will the public be able to have confidence that the vaccine is safe and effective?

(b) When will it be available for me?

(c ) When can we return to pre-Covid conditions?

Trumps “warp speed” program makes people nervous. Will it be safe and effective without all the time and testing involved in a usual vaccine clinical trial ? Will the FDA and CDC still have to follow rigorous guidelines?

Statistical data analysis from antibody testing suggests that 90% of Americans are susceptible to Covid-19. Herd Immunity what does that mean? Herd Immunity means that 60%-70% of the population would have to be immune either by contracting the disease or getting an effective vaccine. So 200 million Americans and 5.6 Billion worldwide would need to be immune to end the pandemic. Doesn’t sound like anything that will happen soon.

Confusing the Matter even More:

A flood of mis-information on social media and from the anti-vaccine activists about new vaccines that could be approved for Covid-19 confuses people more.

And then there are the obvious past vaccine failures. In 1976 there was a mass swine flu vaccination program promoted by then President Ford, which caused far more deaths than the disease it was designed to combat.

All flu vaccines cause mild but common reactions. About 1 in 3 people get a sore arm from the shot, some with a little redness or even swelling. Some 10%-15% feel tired or get a headache, and some run a low fever. And on rarer occasions vaccines can trigger rare but serious reactions, even among people with no apparent allergies or sensitivities.

The FDA is weighing whether to follow British regulations in resuming corono virus trials that where halted by an Astra Zenaca , when a participant suffered spinal cord damage by myelitis caused by the vaccine. The National Institute of Health has launched and investigation into the case.

This will be an interesting and much discussed topic over the next 3–6 months as all the clinical trials are run by Pziser and number of other biotechnology companies. I am sure to do more independent research and will be doing follow up stories to what may be one of the more critical stories of the next 6 months as we hope to eradicate this horrible disease.

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