Covid vaccines prove Disappointing

Last year everyone was full of positive anticipation for the Covid vaccines, particularly with President Trumps “Warp Speed” program.

But ……..

  1. The CDC recently said 8,500 fully vaccinated people have gotten Covid. More work needs to be done to see if it is the variants, particularly the UK B.1.1.7, may be the problem. Rumors are now being discussed that the vaccines are only good for 6 months or so and a booster will be required by late summer or fall, or possibly a combination booster with the flu shot. …

Covid vaccine Bingo- which shot will be most effective?

The long awaited vaccines are finally coming available, and people are signing onto state registration sites to anxiously get their first vaccination. At the beginning people did not care what kind of Covid vaccination it was they just wanted it and they wanted it fast, and they did not care if they beat their elderly neighbor lady to it.

But now that a little more practical information leaks out from the CDC and NIH, and its a little easier to get your vaccination you begin to wonder many things.

1. Is…

U.S. not rushing into to approval of AstraZeneca Covid -19 vaccine despite severe shortages

In the fall the U.K. medical regulatory affairs group approved the AstraZeneca (AZNCF) Covid-19 vaccine, to try and meet the needs of the a nation where the spread of the virus was wildly out of control given the UK’s severe lock downs and mask mandates. Apparently the UK was reportedly willing to accept a 62% in efficacy in the elderly population , which was far below the efficacy of the Pfizer (PFE) and Moderna vaccines approved in the US.

Moderna Therapeutics based in Cambridge MA, is…

The new Apple Watch SE is nothing special, offering little other smart watches do not have

With the holidays soon open us, will your kids, teens and college students be asking for the new Apple Watch SE announced 9/15/2020 ?Well we all know Apple does a great job of brand awareness, but this time around I think they missed the mark. The expectation was the new Apple IPhone was going to be announced the same day, but it was not ready, so Apple missed the excitement window.

The Apple Watch SE offers limited new features that most smart watches out…

There seems to be (3) over arching questions on the minds of Americans about the liklihood of a Covid-19 virus vaccine in the next 4–6 months:

When will we have a vaccine, can we trust what President Trump says?

(a) When will the public be able to have confidence that the vaccine is safe and effective?

(b) When will it be available for me?

(c ) When can we return to pre-Covid conditions?

Trumps “warp speed” program makes people nervous. Will it be safe and effective without all the time and testing involved in a usual vaccine clinical trial …

Laura Hanny

Science and Health Writer

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